Who are our Clients?

We serve Ohioans in need.

We serve hundreds of families, over half of them including children. Many of our clients are employed full time but still cannot make ends meet. Others are grandparents who found themselves as the sole providers of young grandchildren. Other clients are disabled or putting their lives back together. Whatever their situation, the important thing is that our clients are human beings in need of some assistance.

In the past few years, we've seen an increase in the demand for food and clothing that we provide our clients. At times, our supply has been low, and many of our shelves empty. It's times like these when we're asked why we don't do what many other food pantries do and restrict our clientele to those living in the closest zip codes. Our founder, Dee Heilman, explains it best:

"The answer is simple: we aren't like many other food pantries; we are faith-based. We recall the story of Jesus feeding the five thousand. When he provided food, he provided for everyone. He didn't say he would feed only those in certain zip codes. It didn't matter where they came from. 

It is important to say that while we are faith-based, we are completely non-denominational and non-discriminatory. We do not require that our clients practice and particular faith, nor do we inquire (we will, of course, provide prayer by request). If someone in Ohio needs help, all they have to do is come during our open hours and register with us.